Growth Plan

Our intention is to build a thriving online community and ultimately a real-life sustainable ego-village and center for healing and higher learning. The vision is a lofty one - but it is clear and very attainable.

Because transparency is one of our Core Values and operating principles, we will always be open and transparent about our plans and agendas. (Thus we invite you to check this page and the community announcements regularly to keep appraised of updates and opportunities.) We aspire to have the members of our collective feel a sense of ownership in this vision - which is why we are basically offering a 30% profit sharing with our lucrative influencer program. We plan to have our Advisory Board with members of the collective to create a heterarchy and give opportunities to anyone who wants to step up and take a leadership role.

We are actively seeking partners, investors and collaborators, so if our Values, Vision & Mission resonate with you and you are called to join us … reach out! Let's chat!


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Meraki Tribe Collective | Growth Plan