Openness, Transparency, Integrity, Collaboration & Reciprocity

In my studies with Gene Keys, I began to seriously contemplate what it means to be a principle-centered business that ran based on deeply held Core Values and Principles. As I pondered Richard Rudd's words I came to understand that the way forward in business is to operate first and foremost from principles and core values.

"What is the use of financial success, if we do not serve a vision beyond ourselves and beyond our current generation? To reframe a new model for business, we need to tap into the question what is the purpose of the business? Whom does it serve? This new model of business is based on the belief that business can actually be a path to awakening. Good business is all about connectivity, relationships, sharing resources, and a sense of higher purpose."

In business, we also have to deal with fundamental human issues like fairness, trust, respect, integrity, and transparency. Growing a business is all about clear vision and clear relationships.

Therefore it is imperative that we tap into and identify our core values, our mission for what we desire to create for our target audience and ideal client, and our vision for how that will impact the world. This is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take as a business owner and the strategic foundation for creating your brand and marketing.

Core values are the guiding principles and fundamental beliefs of a person or organization and are critical in determining a strategic planning process. Establishing a set of core values can help a company determine if its goals and objectives are in alignment with the direction they want to go in its business. Core values act as a guide for creating programs, campaigns, and marketing objectives when you get clear on what these values are for you. You can measure them against your core values to determine what works for your brand. Your core values shape your company culture and your commitment to your customer.

We highly encourage all our members to sit and contemplate what their Core Values are. Write them down, and commit your company to operate from these values at all times, communicate them clearly to your ideal clients, and uphold them in all your business dealings.


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