Community Context, Guidelines & Policies

Start Here: Understanding Our Community Context, Guidelines & Policies

Having guidelines and boundaries is essential for creating healthy relationships. So that we are clear about our policies from the start, we encourage you to read our Participation Policies. By using our site you are agreeing to abide by these policies. We are committed to digital freedom of expression and welcome all content that is shared from a place of love and intention for the highest good of all. You can learn more about our Rules of Play by checking out this article, or by watching the Creating Context video below.

For the most amazing community experience please watch the video.

This platform is intended to be the context for awareness, healing, education, inspiration, motivation, acceptance, open-mindedness, and evolution of consciousness. We welcome all content that is shared with this intent. Content that does not fall in these parameters does not belong on this platform. You are welcome to share it elsewhere.

We encourage you to share content that is solution-oriented and focused on what you stand for and want to create in the world - not what you are against. We do not want to put any energy into fighting old paradigms but towards creating new ones. Where your focus goes energy flows. We also believe in holding you high that you will show up as the conscious being you are, but it always helps to have some guidelines to know what to expect.

We ask that you T.H.I.N.K. before you comment or share. Ask yourself:

Is it TRUE?
Is it KIND?

Ask yourself am I adding value with my questions and contribution or am I contributing more of what I want to see healed in the world? Be conscious about the vibe and energy you bring to a space.

Rules of Play on Meraki Social:

Show up! Introduce yourself. Join the spaces that interest you. Start adding to the conversation. Ask questions, answer questions and share your wisdom. Be curious. Add value. Visit often. Have fun!

  • Only Wisdom Keeper Seed Plan Members may share events and create spaces, and may promote when relevant.
  • Serve Don't Sell. This is not a space for blatant self-promotion. Give value and attract those in alignment.
  • Practice Decorum in Your Discourse. Be kind. Be open.
  • Ask others if they are open to feedback before giving advice. 
  • Speak from your own experience. 
  • Honor the sacredness of the container. Keep personal shares in confidence and within the space. 
  • Document your sources when possible. Attribute quotes, images, and photos to their original source. 
  • Don't be shy! Your voice is welcome here.

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